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Top 5 Things I learned This Week

This week has been particularly challenging. I was really looking forward to reaching my chemo half way mark this week with 10 weeks in and 10 weeks to go. That was on Monday, but now just four days later I’m feeling pretty defeated. This new kind of chemo (Taxol) was supposed to be easier and maybe I set my expectations too high… or maybe I’m just over it and want to be done!

I was also hoping to do a little Zumba on the new stuff and that’s not happening! With treatments on Wednesday’s (this and next week were Monday’s but then I go back to Wednesday’s after that), I end up feeling really bad on day 3 with a day or so on each side as it ramps up and winds down, falls on Thursday’s or Saturdays. This doesn’t really work for my Zumba schedule.This darn chemo is so inconvenient!

That concludes my, “I feel like poop” whiny rant! Here are my top five take aways from this week:

1. Steroids are not my friend. My doc is making me take a high dose of steroids with each treatment. Which, on the plus side, might counter-act the Zyrtec I have to take with it but I’m still not enjoying it. Don’t be surprised next time you see me and I look like an older fatter version of who I used to be!  (This better be temporary!!)

2. Vitamins only help when you actually remember to take them regularly. Does this need an explanation? I’ve started taking B12 (w/ other Bs), D3, Magnesium, C, Joint Support with Glucosamine, Boswellin & Sea Cucumber, L-Lysine, L-Glutamine all daily and Zinc about every 3 days. I’m also taking Xarelto, a blood thinner in pill form (yay no more shots!). I have so many pills to take each day I had to get one of those containers with dividers for so I could make sure I took them all. I thought only old people used these. I might be one now.

3. Air frying is the bomb. The last few times I saw Cheryl in class she kept asking me if I had an Instant Pot. I didn’t know what it was and assumed it was like an electric pot where you heat water and use it for tea or something. I couldn’t figure out why she was so excited about hot water. But with all the Instant Pot craze online and my daughter getting one for her birthday I finally figured it out… they pressure cook, slow cook and also work as a rice cooker. Which is pretty cool. So I did some research and found that there’s a version out there that also does air frying.

Long story short, I was able to buy a Ninja Foodi on sale, with a coupon and a gift certificate for a ridiculously low amount (like $50). I wasn’t sure I’d use the air fryer feature but after trying it for a week, I don’t think I ever want to live without one! I got it last Saturday and since I was feeling pretty good on Sunday I tried out a few things. I made donuts from Pillsbury Biscuits in 4 minutes, filled biscuits with eggs and Swiss cheese and made melty had held pies in 5 minutes. I also tried fries and it’s as easy as cutting up a potato, mixing it with 1tsp olive oil and seasoning and air frying for about 6 minutes. I’m telling you, it takes longer than that for my oven to pre-heat! Then I pressure cooked some chicken thighs and roasted them with carrots and Brussels sprouts. It’s also perfect for reheating pizza. This thing might change the world guys!

4. Organizing still makes me happy. Unfortunately the Ninja Foodi is a monster size appliance. It’s so big I can’t use it on the counter where I have overhead cabinets because the hinged lid hits the upper cabinet! It measures 15″ X 14″ and 13″ tall and is too heavy to put in an upper cabinet even it it would fit. So I had to make room for it on the pantry floor. Which meant I had to clean out and re-arrange my pantry… again.

This is what Hope does at 4am on a Tuesday before the Taxol has really kicked in and the steroids are still in my system. Sometimes it just feels good to organize!

5. It’s going to be a long 10 weeks.


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