Breast Cancer Journey

This Post Isn’t Exciting Enough For a Catchy Title

Today is chemo infusion day. It’s been 17 weeks since my first treatment. It seems so long ago. That was in the beginning of October and we’ve had Halloween, a Zumbathon, my daughter Megan’s 25th birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my daughter Rachel’s 20th birthday. My symptoms and side effects haven’t gotten much better, but rather, more familiar. That’s an odd thing to contemplate, considering conceptionally (is that a word? did I spell it right?) no one ever wants feeling bad to be familiar, but I think it makes getting through it a little easier.

Today I feel like I’m rounding the corner on the last lap of the race and can see the finish line stretched out in front of me. Its a nice feeling to know the end to the body poisoning is near. 

You know how after you have a baby you think your body will never be the same again. I’m feeling like that now. So… as soon as I can I’ll be rehabilitating with walking (which I’ve already started), lifting weights, maybe even some Strong by Zumba or classes in the new ZONE at HRCA Southridge.  And on a side note… my hair started coming back in about 2 weeks ago.

My last chemo treatment is February 13 and about a week and a half after that I should start feeling a lot better. That same day, I meet with the surgeon and will hopefully get surgery scheduled with her for mid to late March.  This Wednesday, January 30th I’ll be seeing the doctor before my infusion and I’m hoping he’ll be able to schedule my port removal around February 20th! 

In the meantime, with all this extra time on my hands I’ve learned the art of KonMari folding. If you don’t know what that is, watch for more blog posts on organizing. And I’ve learned to grow sprouts and micro greens – more on that as well. 

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