Mother’s Day Reflection – Looking Back On My Warrior Days

I woke up this morning thinking of something I wrote years ago describing what it was like to be a single mother of two. After a little digging, I was able to get a copy of it. It was posted on my MySpace blog eleven years ago on June 10, 2008. That would have made Rachel 9 and Megan 14. Even as hectic as life was back then… I kind of miss it. Here’s to my daughters for changing my life in the most fantastic, transformative awesomely unimaginable ways!!

I Am A Warrior

I am a warrior. I have been chosen to compete a mission. My superior has given me all the tools I will need to complete this mission. But the job is a tough one. I will oversee a treacherous and chaotic compound, travel through miles upon miles challenging and often life threatening conditions. I will formulate and dictate the plan of action to my subordinates. I will oversee the health and well being of myself and my troops. Each movement must be strategically timed and resources carefully managed. In order to be successful I must be strong in mind and body. I must begin each day prepared for the challenges it will present.

If I am able to complete my mission I will earn rewards more valuable than fame or money. This is what I fight for:

A smile on a young girls face

A quiet bedtime

Lunches in backpacks (instead of left on the counter or forgotten altogether)

A successful career (where I CAN pay the mortgage)

Laughter heard from another room

Cartoons in the morning

Arriving to school on time

Remembering the play costume and the show and tell items

Calling my client back on time

Seeing muscles in the mirror (after months in the gym)

Making chocolate-chocolate-chocolate cake

Doing pony tails before school

Not crashing while I multi-task in the car

Halloween costumes

Taking care of puppy so girls will giggle when he licks their face

Finishing work projects on time

Having great friends who bring me tools and tiger balm, cut down trees, demolish tile and dry wall, understand my schedule, laugh with me, cry with me and text me funny things

Knowing where to find the crayons and the cup stacks

Rarely getting sick

Having time to go to Tattered Cover

Playing progressive rummy

Movies on the couch with girls

Folding Dalmation, Lion King and princess pajamas

These are just a few of the rewards I am lucky enough to experience. Being a Mom Warrior is a challenge but the rewards make it all worthwhile.

Thank you Megan & Rachel for being the bestest, funnest, smartest, cutest, and most cherished daughters in the world!

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