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Fitness Challenge Off To A Good Start

My 2018 Fitness Challenge is off to a good start!

In between writing a Broker Manual (zzzz) & showing homes (way more fun!), I managed to complete class number 10 today!

Recap: Lift & sculpt with Marcia was fantastic! NIA w/ Julie was way more fun that I expected. Cycle Yoga kinda hurt my girl parts but it was worth it for the Yoga that followed!

Muscle Fusion was a little painful but I pushed through it. As I was lifting the bar over my head and listening to the instructor count from 8 down to 1 (for the 3rd or 4th time) I was thinking… “I wonder how many of these I would have to take before they start to seem easy”.  Hmmm… maybe I’ll find out this year.  This is 10 classes down out of 116 (we have 119 here but I teach 3 of them).  

I finished up this week with Zumba classes with Kelly Stockdale Vranesic and Christy Ann Kaelin! I’m traveling to CA next week and hope to catch a Zumba class there as well although it won’t count toward my goal but that’s okay, a girl has to have a little fun once in a while.


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