Breast Cancer Journey

Day 1

Megan and I waiting at the appointment












I had my first chemo treatment yesterday. It wasn’t bad just a little freaky. Anytime someone injects red fluid in your body from a port on your chest, it’s going to be a little weird.

Me freakin’ out about the port










Fortunately everyone there was really friendly and the nurse took time to explain everything to me as we went along.

The only problem I had was the triple dose of anti-nausea meds they gave me. Totally knocked me out. I was half asleep during the second half of the procedure. Then we came home, I ate most of an awesome Mad Greens Southwest Grain bowl and then slept twelve hours! I rarely sleep over seven so that’s a lot for me!

Chemo area at Kaiser Lone Tree











I feel okay today, just kinda feels like I have a hangover or am dehydrated. They sent me home with a regime of stuff to do each day. I’m supposed to swish/gargle with warm water containing salt and baking soda four times a day, take two different kinds of nausea pills in the morning and another of one of them in the afternoon/evening for the first three days. Then on days three through nine I have to give myself shots that will increase my white blood cell count.

Over all, not too horrible.

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