Breast Cancer Journey, Fitness, Zumba

The Pink Bracelet

I woke up Monday morning and rolled over in bed. Light was just starting to come through the window, which meant I had slept later that I realized. As I flopped my arm out of the now too hot covers, I noticed I was wearing a pink bracelet with my name on it. I was so tired the night before…

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Breakfast, Recipe

French Toast Muffins With Blueberry Syrup

I just created something so good it should be illegal!  Maybe it’s my weird sleep schedule, maybe it’s too many hours with Food Network on in the background but I woke up this morning thinking about food and I got an idea I thought was worth trying. I’m certainly capable of following recipes but the chance to create something new or come…

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Breast Cancer Journey

My Most Asked Question

The question I am asked most often when people find out about my cancer diagnosis and treatment is, “Why are you having chemo and then surgery instead of the other way around?” So as promised in an earlier post, I will explain why my doctors have recommended chemotherapy treatment prior to surgery. The type of cancer I have is called…

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Breakfast, Breast Cancer Journey, Recipe

Great Sunday Breakfast

I had a great day yesterday but I might have over done it a little. I taught a low impact medium intensity Zumba class at Palomino apartments and town homes at 8:00 am and then five songs in my 11:00 am class. Amanda lead the class with the warm up and cool down and some great songs in between. Beth…

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