2018 Goals

I had some time off over the holidays to think about some of the things I want to accomplish in 2018 and wanted to share a couple of them.
As you may know I teach Zumba classes at the Highlands Ranch Rec Centers but what many of you may not know is that HRCA offers 119 drop in fitness classes a week (currently 105 but we’re adding another 14 when the hot yoga studio opens at Northridge in February)! That’s a ton of classes to choose from! Many of them I’ve tried but there are SO many I haven’t. So… in 2018 I’m going to try them all! Yes, every single one of them!
I’ve done the math and after subtracting the 3 Zumba classes that I teach, that leaves 116 to take over a period of 52 weeks, which comes to 2.23 classes a week. That’s do-able right?
I’ve got 3 under my belt so far and one scheduled for this evening… just 112 more to go! I’ve never taken an aqua fitness class, I tried spinning once, boot camp & muscle fusion are probably going to kill me and I’m not even sure what NIA is but I’ll find out!
If you live here in the Denver area and would like to join me in this challenge or just take a few with me here or there, message me and I’ll let you know which ones I’m attending and when. I’ll post progress and photos from time to time as well.
I can’t wait to meet all of our fabulous instructors AND reap the positive results of additional exercise!
Stay tuned for my next goal announcement coming soon!
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